Let me premise this with the fact that I believe I am a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-nothing kind of person. I have also never blogged before, but if my memory serves me, I was a fair writer in highschool and college.

I like far too many things to focus on mastering any single one. Some of these include: music, programming, drawing, and writing. I don’t see this as a particularly bad thing becuase I would rather not do any specific one professionally, as it might ruin the fun of said hobby. Conversely, I believe it grants me extra dimensions as a person due to these interests.

sketching desk

I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing a sketching challenge the past few months since I started to get serious about it last February (2015). Lets be completely honest, that lasted like 3 months tops. I also stopped playing guitar last February as well. Seeing a trend here? My mother passed away that month and set off quite a long chain of events bringing me to today. I DO want to do all those things, and I know I will never be able to truly focus on one of those things at this point in my life.

So instead, in June, I set off doing a photo-a-day challenge. Quite honestly, it was fun and easy to do. It showed me that I could focus on something simple like that. Unfortunately, I have an issue feeling I need to be inspired in order to draw anything worth a damn to anyone. I never once stopped to think, who should give a shit about what I draw anyways, or should I really give a shit what people say about my sketches? In all honesty, I shouldn’t. I think its that fear that is keeping me from doing what I know I should be. My mother loved when I drew, and thats why I originally started it up again.

Maybe my goal with this was wrong? In the past, I did mostly cartoony illustrations with a BIC mechanical pencil. I more recently decided I wanted to do it right? Well what is right? I bought a set of 12 artists pencils, which are wonder ful to work with. I am trying out a clutch style pencil too, but I don’t think I like 2H lead as a general purpose sketching hardness (even though thats what BICs have in them). So I picked up a set of HB (I think) instead, but am using the 2H so I don’t waste it for now. I also decided that I should look into still life sketching and learning value, which is a good goal I still think; however; for inspiration, I shouldn’t restrict myself to only that.

Which leads me to now. I was talking with a friend most recently and she asked if I wanted to do a sketch-a-day challenge with her. I thought July would work, but I was too busy. I’ll never not be busy, so I just need to do it. She made a good point that I don’t need to show them to anyone. I could even just do a weekly summary of the ones I like for social media. So I think I am ready to do that, but with a caveat.

I am not ready to just devote my time to one hobby. I like way too many things to devote 1 hour a day or more to a sketch (it can take that long, ask most sketch artists). So with that, I am just going to do a creative-a-day challenge for the month of August 2016.

The Challenge includes the following:

  • Sketch something - posted on instagram
  • Write something (blog, lyrics, music, etc) - posted here
  • Stream something (with better commentary as I do it) twitch.tv/ddaypunk06
  • Color a picture (either adult coloring book or for fun with my kids)
  • Write some code not related to work

I am open to suggestions to add to this list via twitter @TheDelso or on my Facebook profile.

As I wrote this fairly quickly over lunch at work, I am not going to edit it. Further blog entries will hopefully be planned better. Please let me know what you think!

Looking forward to a highly enlightening and creative August with you all! If any want to join in let me know! I’d be happy to have friends get interested in this!

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